The Geoheritage Project: Where does Almonte fit in?

Friday, April 23, 2004, 7:30 PM, at the Almonte United Church Social Hall

Speaker: J. Allan Donaldson

Topic: The Geoheritage Project: Where does Almonte fit in?

Allan Donaldson, a graduate of Queen’s and John Hopkins’ Universities, spent 10 years carrying out systematic stratigraphic mapping and research for the Geological Survey of Canada before joining Carleton University in 1968, where, until his retirement in 1998, he taught in the Department of Earth Sciences. He is currently co-supervising precambrian sedimentology research in Yukon, Alaska, Nunavut & Ontario to focus on devising better ways to interpret the geohistory of our planet. To do this, he has visited many parts of the Canadian Arctic, travelling by foot, canoe, Super Cub & helicopter. Part of Donaldson’s lecture will be devoted to this aspect of his interests.

The majority of his talk will describe the accomplishments of The Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project (O-GGP) which he helped launch in 2003 to promote better public understanding & appreciation of the significant geology and geo-heritage in the National Capital Region.

Donaldson explains: “Impressive overlaps with the living components of nature are provided by fossils, trace fossils and biogenic structures in sedimentary rocks. In the latter category, important records of biological history are provided by stromatolites and biofilm structures, especially well-preserved in strata found throughout Eastern Ontario. Excellent examples occur in and around Almonte–some can be seen in the building stone of landmark buildings.”

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