Astronomy Then and Now – An Eclectic Tour from Ancient Mythology to Modern Science

Friday April 22, 2005 – 7:30 p.m. at the Almonte United Church Social Hall

Speaker: Robert Dick

Topic: Astronomy Then and Now – An Eclectic Tour from Ancient Mythology to Modern Science 


The night sky has not changed for aeons. But how we interpret the night sky and how we study it certainly has. As new investigative methods are developed, science undergoes dramatic change. This leads to a profound reassessment of our place in the Universe. Current technology is producing the latest in a series of these revolutions.

The lecture explores the evolution of astronomical ideas and we’ll discover the surprising connections currently underway.

Speaker’s Profile:

Few people can claim to have combined their passion and their profession. The night sky has drawn Robert Dick outside for forty years. For over thirty of these years, Robert has been sharing his knowledge and interest with the public. He has given many presentations to general audiences at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa and has taught full credit introductory courses on astronomy that are distributed across North America on videotape. Based on his reputation as a communicator and educator, he was invited by the Canadian Space Agency to be the astronomy instructor for the Canadian Astronauts. He has developed astronomy education products that are sold internationally through the company Starlight Theatre (

As an active member in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Robert co-created the Light Pollution Abatement Program in Ottawa and later transferred this program nationally through the RASC.

With articles in newspapers and magazines, with contributions to several CD-ROM products and appearances on television and radio, Robert brings a lifelong interest and respect for the Universe to the public of all ages.

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