The nature of forensic DNA

Friday April 21, 2006 – 7:30 p.m. at the Almonte United Church Social Hall, Elgin Street, Almonte

Speaker: George Carmody

Topic: The nature of forensic DNA


George Carmody will talk about the nature of forensic DNA studies, their basis in science and the development of methods of detecting similar patterns at the April Almonte Lecture. You won’t want to miss George’s lecture, on this popular subject.

Speaker’s Profile:

Dr. Carmody is a prominent geneticist and forensic scientist. Having studied at Columbia and other US Universities, he has been in the Biology Department at Carleton University since 1969. During that time he has been Associate Dean of Science and Chairman of the program of Integrated Sciences, in addition to being an active Professor of Biology. He has published many research papers and gives many lectures on the topic of DNA pattern recognition. In March and early April of 2006, he was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, volunteering to help identify many of the still-unknown remains left in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

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