The Berton We Forgot We Knew

Friday January 22 – 7:30 p.m. at the Almonte United Church Social Hall

NOTE:  To help relieve the conflict between our lecture and the Haiti Benefit gathering on Friday, all donations to the Lecture Series on Friday will be given to the Haiti Benefit Concert. Come to the Lecture and still help Haiti!

Speaker: Brian McKillop 

Topic: The Berton We Forgot We Knew 


PIERRE BERTON. A name, and person, we all know, since he was so omnipresent in the last third of the last century — Canada’s historian, its most popular chronicler of Canada’s history. But that is not BERTON in full. Perhaps we’ve forgotten his earlier role as gonzo journalist, as champion of social justice, as consumer crusader, as pioneer TV interviewer, and much else. This talk will attempt to remind us of the career that served as the basis of Berton’s reputation as a “national icon.” Do we remember the time he let loose a pig in the ballroom of the Hotel Vancouver?

Brian McKillop is Chancellor’s Professor at Carleton University and former chair of its History Department. His book Pierre Berton: a Biography, appeared in 2008.

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