The A-Maize-ing Story of Corn

Friday, 27 January 2017

Speaker: Lana Reid

Lecture title: The A-Maize-ing Story of Corn

Lecture Summary

maizeLana Reid will discuss the science and history of corn or maize. Immerse yourself in the culture of corn and learn why this crop is so important in today’s world. Get a crash course on conventional plant breeding and how it has taken a small primitive grass plant and developed it into a major crop over the thousands of years that humans have cultivated it.  Also, learn a bit about the role the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa has played in the expansion of corn acreage in Canada and some of the ongoing research at the CEF today.

Bio: Lana Reid, Ph.D.

lana-reidLana Reid is a senior research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and heads the corn breeding and genetics national research program located at the Central Experimental Farm. She obtained her BSc in biology from the University of Ottawa in 1985 followed by an MSc with a major in entomology/biochemistry in 1988. During her Master’s research she discovered an interest in plant breeding and switched gears to obtain a PhD in plant breeding and pathology in 1991 from McGill University. She was hired in 1991 by AAFC to run a corn pathology research program and then in 1998 to lead the corn breeding program.

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