Stories North: Stories of reconciliation

Friday, 29 September 2017

Speaker: Kanina Holmes

Lecture Title: Stories North: Stories of reconciliation


The Yukon is easy to romanticize. Its mountains and vistas inspire awe. The sights, sounds and scents can dwarf the stresses that frequently accompany urban life. The “colourful five percent,” an expression coined by Yukon artist Jim Robb, provides a sense of the eccentricities often admired and usually tolerated by Yukoners who have, at the very least, a grudging respect for a wider range of personal lifestyle decisions.

But there is more to the story. In addition to gaining a broader and more nuanced understanding of this part of Canada, Stories North is a project that also seeks guidance on one of the most pressing issues facing the country: how can we collectively explain, hold ourselves to account and shift away from the inequities and injustices and ignorance around Indigenous peoples and grapple with the legacy of residential schools?
Stories North is an experiment in experiential education led by Associate Professor, Kanina Holmes of Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. The project brought 15 students to the Yukon in the summer of 2017. Kanina will discuss the initiative, what it accomplished, lessons learned and its future potential.

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Bio: Kanina Holmes

Kanina Holmes

Kanina Holmes has been teaching a wide range of journalism courses at Carleton since 2003. Her journalism career included stints in local and national radio (CBC Ottawa, CBC Whitehorse), local and national television (CTV in Ottawa, Global News in Winnipeg and CBC Ottawa and CBC North), as a foreign correspondent in East and Central Africa (Gemini News) and as senior correspondent for an international wire service (Reuters). She is an avid photographer and traveller and loves sharing her adventures with her husband, James and their two young children.

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