Tales from the Woods

Friday, 26 January 2018

Speaker: Ron Ayling

Lecture title: Tales from the Woods: the Wonderful World of Trees

Lecture Summary


With the use of slides and ‘pass around samples’ we’ll look at the often fascinating, and sometimes weird and unusual, world of trees. We’ll start off with the broad ecosystems of Ontario, and why they are where they are. But the main focus will be on our local trees and shrubs, native and introduced. There will be some oddballs from near and far, some that are important and others that should be avoided. And along the way, key features will be shown and explained to help in identification.

Slides: Tales from the Woods

Bio: Ron Ayling, Ph.D.

Ron Ayling

Dr. Ron Ayling is a graduate of the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Toronto – where he later taught dendrology (the study of trees). He received a PhD in plant physiology from the Australian National University but spent most of his professional life in international development, especially with IDRC (International Development Research Centre) and as a consultant to CIDA. In his retirement years, he is the editor of The Forestry Chronicle, the journal of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, and locally, he is the chair of the Tree Committee for Mississippi Mills.

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