E = MC2: Explanations and applications of Einstein’s relativity theory

Friday, 23 February 2018

Speaker: Carson Mok

Lecture title: E = MC2: Explanations and applications of Einstein’s relativity theory

Lecture Summary

E-mc2Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is one of the two pillars of modern physics. Rigid ideas about time, space and mass were bent in his famous equation, E = MC2. The theory has influenced physics research for over 100 years, predicting many phenomena that have been experimentally verified. It has also guided the design of everyday devices such as your GPS and keeps the International Space Station in the sky.  My lecture will explain Einstein’s famous equation in plain English, and discuss some of its uses in today’s world.

Bio: Carson Mok, Ph.D.

Carson Mok

Carson Mok is originally from the Toronto area, graduating from York University with PhD in Applied Physics in 2013.  He is currently employed in the high-tech sector providing business development and leading technical research projects.  With a diverse background in opto-electronics, he is a passionate advocate for science outreach, especially in physics.  He is now putting down roots in Almonte with his wife and two boys.

Slides: Einstein explained

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