Easing the Pain:  What we know about chronic pain management

Friday, 23 March 2018

Speaker: Marjorie Corisine

Lecture title: Easing the Pain:  What we know about chronic pain management

Lecture Summary


Throughout the course of our lives, many of us develop some sort of chronic pain. Sometimes we are able to resolve the pain.  Sometimes we must endure the pain knowing  that the condition may persist or worsen, for example, hip or knee pain that is not bad enough for surgery… yet. Many factors influence how we react and respond to pain conditions; pain that is manageable for one person can be intolerable for another. Sometimes, for instance, pain can be a constant reminder of an accident that caused it, or can remind us of a relative who had the same condition and did not manage it well. Pain also limits our activities and independence, making us feel much older than our chronological age.


Bio: Marjorie Coristine.

Marjorie Coristine

Marjorie Coristine is a licensed Psychological Associate who has been working with people who have pain conditions for nearly 20 years.  She conceptualizes the road to recovery as “a thousand little cures”.  She completed the Canadian Pain Management Certification Program in 2013.  She is in a private practice (Ottawa West Health Group) and consults on multi-disciplinary teams to help facilitate the recovery and lifestyle adjustments of people who are suffering from an illness, health condition, or injury.

Lecture Notes: Easing the Pain

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