My Puppet Passion

Friday, 28 September 2018

Speaker: Noreen Young

Lecture title: My Puppet Passion

Lecture Summary

puppeteer-noreen-young-with-only-a-fraction-of-her-creationsTo have a professional career doing the things that you love to do is truly a gift in life. I count myself so fortunate that I was given that opportunity.

A career in television puppetry is admittedly unusual.  People are curious because the don’t know a lot about puppetry and I’m often asked, ‘How did you get started?’

Come and find out   Let me tell you about the different types of puppets there are and the type of puppet that I like to make and perform with.

There are tales to tell about the television shows I worked on like Hi Diddle Day,  Sesame Park, Readalong, Today’s Special, The Noddy Shop, Under the Umbrella Tree and others.  What goes on behind the scenes?  How do you prepare and produce a TV show with puppets?

And let me tell you about my latest project – a puppet opera!

Bio: Noreen Young

Noreen Young
Noreen Young

As award-winning puppeteer and puppet builder, Noreen Young has been involved in numerous television productions during her long career, most notably, “Under the Umbrella Tree”, a children’s series that ran on CBC, The Disney Channel and Canal Famille, and which is now streaming on YouTube at CBC’s Encore.

Noreen was Artistic Director for Puppets Up! International Puppet Festival which ran in Almonte for 12 years from  2005 to 2016.  She was instrumental in bringing many professional puppet troupes from around the world to perform in our town.

In 1995, Noreen was awarded The Order of Canada for her contribution to puppetry and children’s television.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Noreen now resides in Almonte.

Slides: Noreen Young Gallery

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