Digitally Challenged!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Speaker: Mel Turner

Lecture title: Digitally Challenged!

Lecture Summary

Mel Turner

Mel Turner has been using, programming and dealing with computers for more than 50 years; almost as long as the mainstream use of computers in general. This lecture will describe the advances over the history of his career in both the private and public sectors. From mainframes in the 60s to iPhones and iPads today, Mel has had both a career and a hobby exploring this field that changes constantly and continues to challenge us all in our everyday lives.


Slides: Digitally Challenged


Bio: Mel Turner

Mel Turner
Mel Turner

Mel Turner graduated in Physics at the University of London (England) in 1966 and has been involved in Information Technology throughout his career. Starting with IBM as a programmer, Mel came to Canada in 1968 and worked in the public service and in the private sector before cofounding a software company in the 80s. He returned to Statistics Canada in the 90s and completed his career in 2006 managing the Informatics Branch. He continues to program as a hobby and busies himself in retirement with maintaining websites and volunteering technical support to local groups.


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