We have seen the media and it is US!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Speakers: Edith Cody-Rice and Brent Eades

Lecture title: We have seen the media and it is US!

Lecture Summary

Why do news organizations report news the way they do? It is because that is what we will read, listen to, watch or pay for. This lecture will start with a short history and explanation of the Millstone, Mississippi Mills’ online community newspaper and will move to a modest proposal for the survival of community newspapers. Discussion with then turn to media today, including a short primer on the principles of international and national public broadcasting and the difference between broadcasting and newspapers.

Slides: We have seen the media!

Bio: Edith Cody-Rice

Edith Cody-RiceEdith Cody-Rice is the publisher of the local online newspaper the Millstone and was a media lawyer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for 29 years. Specializing in journalism law, she spent her career helping journalists get their stories to air and avoiding reputationally damaging and costly defamation lawsuits. She assisted in crafting stories and appeared many times in court to battle publication bans and to defend journalists against libel  allegations and efforts to reveal their sources. She still is involved in journalism through the Millstone and as a director of the Michener Awards Foundation. The Michener Foundation awards the most prestigious Canadian award for investigative journalism which is presented by the Governor General each year.

Edith is also very involved in literature and ran literary luncheons at the National Arts Centre for 19 years, was a director and chair of the Writers’ Trust, and a founder of the Ottawa Valley Book Festival as well as a director of the Ottawa International Writers’ Festival

Bio: Brent Eades

Brent EadesBrent Eades has worked in corporate communications since 1985, when he joined the Prime Minister’s Office as a writer. He was later an aide to the federal minister of finance. He began building websites in 1995, and since 1998 has worked in communications at the Bank of Canada. He is also the publisher of the Almonte.com website. Brent joined the Millstone in 2012 and is now its editor-in-chief. He is on the board of the Michener Awards Foundation, which presents Canada’s most prestigious journalism prize.

Dr Norman Bethune: Medical and Political Revolutionary

Friday, 24 April 2020

Speaker: Ross Lambert

Lecture title: Dr Norman Bethune: Medical and Political Revolutionary

Lecture Summary

Bethune’s story is known by many Canadians but by no means all.  He is, however, known and revered by one billion Chinese.  A significant chapter of his life was the Spanish Civil War where he served as a doctor for the Republicans and pioneered several significant medical battlefield techniques.  This presentation focuses on this part of his life but provide contexts about what occurred in his life pre- and post-Spain.  The outline is as follows:

  • Family life, the Muskokas. Bethune’s family and the part of Ontario he grew up in including the era.
  • Education and early professional career. His medical training and early work as a doctor specialising in tuberculous in the United States and in Montreal.  Included in this is his increasing interest and commitment to international communism.
  • His calling to Spain.  Military actions he was part of.  His pioneering use of several medical procedures at the front including blood transfusions and x-ray equipment.  The end of the war and his return to Montreal.
  • Efforts in China.  Results in China.  Death in China.  Significance to the Chinese.
  • Bethune today. Where does he stand today in China, Canada and Spain.

Bio: Ross Lambert

Ross LambertRoss is a retired Naval Officer who has lived and worked in a variety of locations and settings including Kingston, Victoria, Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa and London, England.    He is a graduate of the Royal Military College (hBA) and York University (MA), as well as the British Joint Command and Staff College.  His career included a number of different staff positions in various national and NATO headquarters and two tours on staff at the Royal Military College.  He also had numerous postings at sea, the last one as captain of HMCS IROQUOIS.

Ross and his wife of 43 years, Joanne, are originally from the Barrie area of Ontario.  They now live on a 75 acre hobby farm near Elgin, Ontario, where he cuts firewood, makes maple syrup and raises a few cattle.  They are heavily engaged in community and church events, often involving some type of music. Since retirement Ross has also become involved with the local Masonic Lodge.  He is the father of four and the grandfather of five.  He is also increasingly seen as the maintenance man for the farm and several summer cottages.

Ross and Joanne have travelled extensively and still typically spend several months each year out of country.  Ross is a serious student of Canadian, American and European history and has a passion for 19thcentury English literature.

Finding Your Funny

Friday, 27 September 2019

Speaker: Rachelle Elie

Lecture title: Finding Your Funny

Lecture Summary

A whimsical tour with personal anecdotes of the life of a professional comedian and clown. Where do jokes come from? How do the people who make us laugh for a living create their material? How do they learn their art and craft? What do they learn from practising their profession? And how does its practice affect their lives?


Find your funny

Bio: Rachelle Elie

Rachelle Elie

Rachelle has written and performed five one woman shows and was nominated for Best BreakOut Artist with the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2018. She has been a supporting act for legendary Comedians Mike McDonald and Tommy Chong. She won an Outstanding Comedy Award with the Ottawa Fringe and recently performed her one woman show S#!t I’m In Love With You Again at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was one of Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017. Her show was also invited to be a part of the Off-Broadway Encore Series in New York. She has participated in the First Air Arctic Comedy Festival in Iqaluit, HubCap Comedy Festival in New Brunswick and returns in May to the Women In Comedy Festival in Boston. She was also nominated for a Just For Laughs Comedy Award and performed in JFL 42 last year.