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  • David Thompson: Canada’s Epic Mapmaker

    David Thompson: Canada’s Epic Mapmaker

    Speaker: Richard van Loon Summary Between 1797 and 1812, David Thompson travelled over all of western North America from Lake Superior to the headwaters of the Mississippi, to the Athabasca, to James Bay, to the mouth of the Columbia River. In the process, he surveyed, made maps, traded, and kept detailed scientific, but also highly […]

  • History on the Hoof

    History on the Hoof

    Friday, 29 April 2022 via Zoom Speaker: Claudia Smith Lecture Summary: In this lecture farm life with horse power will come alive as I talk about my latest book — Horses of the Country  An Homage. The book is a comprehensive account  of our rural history with horses, much of which I gathered from around […]

  • Why the Best Person Rarely Wins

    Why the Best Person Rarely Wins

    Friday, 25 March 2022 via Zoom Speaker: Warren Thorngate Lecture Summary: Contests are popular means of deciding who will receive medals, cash prizes, jobs, scholarships, attention, emergency care, and other limited resources. Most of us assume that fair contests assure “the best person wins.” I will demonstrate why this assumption is frequently false – more […]