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  • Dr Norman Bethune: Medical and Political Revolutionary

    Friday, 24 April 2020 Speaker: Ross Lambert Lecture title: Dr Norman Bethune: Medical and Political Revolutionary Lecture Summary Bethune’s story is known by many Canadians but by no means all.  He is, however, known and revered by one billion Chinese.  A significant chapter of his life was the Spanish Civil War where he served as a doctor […]

  • The Last Tsar of Russia

    Friday, 27 March 2020 Speaker: Paul Marland Lecture title: The last Tsar of Russia Lecture Summary At about 1 a.m. on July 17, 1918, in a fortified mansion in the town of Ekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountains, the Romanovs—ex-tsar Nicholas II, ex-tsarina Alexandra, their five children, and their four remaining servants —were awoken by their Bolshevik […]