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  • Confessions of an Orchid Lover

    Confessions of an Orchid Lover

    Speaker: Janet Johns Summary What are orchids anyway? What makes them so special, and why would anyone be interested in growing them? My lecture will present key characteristics of orchids with examples, tell some tales of the Victorian Orchid Craze, and dispel a few myths about growing tropical orchids at home. I will also outline […]

  • Is Hi-Tech Only for Rich Countries?

    Is Hi-Tech Only for Rich Countries?

    Speaker: Halla Thorsteinsdóttir Summary Modern technology has contributed immensely to higher incomes and longer lives in rich countries and almost all work in these countries relies heavily on the use of high tech. Low-and-middle income countries lag far behind high-income countries in harnessing technological opportunities but want to emulate rich countries and use technologies to […]

  • What makes a city age-friendly?

    Friday, 25 October 2019 Speaker: Louise Plouffe Lecture title: What makes a city age-friendly? Lecture Summary Major global trends in this century include the aging of the population and urbanization.  However, most cities and towns are built to accommodate a working age-population and their families, with little thought of the growing numbers of increasingly older persons with […]