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  • Beyond Politics: How Government Works

    Beyond Politics: How Government Works

    5 Wednesday evenings, beginning September 18, 2019. 7 ~ 9 pm. Cost: $65 This course has been months in the making, and the organizers are confident it will increase the public’s knowledge of the municipal procedure. This course will steer away from politics entirely, providing the opportunity to learn what goes on behind the scenes […]

  • The Magic of Cinema IV

    The Magic of Cinema IV

    6 Tuesdays, beginning September 10, 2019. 1:00 ~ 4:00 pm. Tom Shoebridge is back to explore the social reality in fictional film stories.  Filmmakers always reveal more than they intend.  The job of the informed viewer is to pick and interpret the clues, or ’see’ the unseen.  Tragedy or comedy, all films shine light into […]

  • Flying Pigs and Other Creatures in Ancient Greek Life

    Flying Pigs and Other Creatures in Ancient Greek Life

    Reflections on animals in Greek mythology and actuality Heather Loube will revisit Greece, looking at the animal imagery in Greek legend, art, and history. For anyone with a pet at home, the connection to antiquity will be fascinating. Slides: Part 1. Swine Part 2. Bovines Part 3. Equines Part 4. Canines & Felines Part 5. […]