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  • The “Stages” of Community Theatre in Almonte

    The “Stages” of Community Theatre in Almonte

    Friday, 28 January 2022 via Zoom Speaker: Kris Riendeau Lecture Summary: From the very first Valley Players’ production back in 1983 to the 2021 theatrical fundraiser for Puppets Up, community theatre has played a dynamic role (pun intended) in this area. On stage, backstage or in the audience — there’s a place for everyone! In […]

  • Dirty Secrets of the Oil Industry in Canada

    Dirty Secrets of the Oil Industry in Canada

    Friday, 26 November 2021 via Zoom Speaker: Bill Adams Lecture Summary: I will show how oil spills on our Canadian coasts are handled under a closed industry-controlled system that places priority on creating the impression of “world-class” capability to cleanup spilled oil which is not based on reality. The regulators are captured by the industry […]

  • No Shhhing in the Library!

    No Shhhing in the Library!

    Friday, 29 October 2021 via Zoom Speaker: Christine Row Lecture Summary: I believe public libraries have entered a renaissance period. What were once quiet places filled with books are now vibrant and creative community spaces. From Halifax to Calgary, cities across Canada are choosing to showcase their creative innovative spirit through their public libraries. Not […]